AGent+® is a patented (US 10,271,545) eco-friendly formula that cleans and protects cars, gyms, homes, and workspaces for up to 72 hours all while leaving a citrus-like scent through the air. See our FAQ page.


The AGent+® Electrostatic Sprayer uses its negatively charged ions to attach to positively charged bacteria and germs when sprayed onto boats, cars, gyms, homes, and workspaces, making it so your everyday items are protected. For more information about how our rechargeable sprayer works please see below for our user manual or watch our instructional videos!


AGent+® is a naturally derived cleaning formula that consists of water, orange oils, isopropyl alcohol, copper, and silver. AGent+® can be used in delivery vehicles, facilities, general surfaces, gyms, hockey rinks, hotels, portable toilets, schools, and transportation services. Please see below for more information about the areas of use.


The lab results are in. According to studies conducted by Microchem and Labofine, AGent+® creates a protective net for up to 3 days after applying that reduces the presence of bacteria, mold, mildew, and odor. Check out the results!